Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dragonball Z character


Brief Overview:

I thought that let me guide those who are interested to make the Dragon Ball Z characters in their free time..., well not to mention am also having ample idle time now so decided to utilize it properly. Well to those who are not conversant with the Dragon Ball Z character let me tell you that Dragon Ball Z is one of the most highly rated animation series in the cartoon network which is also incidentally the primary choice of many home videos too. The initial concept was made in Japan which later became popular globally and eventually they were found on movies, videotapes, games, action figures, comic books, etc. understandably the kids are very much attracted to the Dragon Ball Z characters.

How to draw dragonball z character ?

Here I have made an attempt to portray a basic idea as to how one can draw the picture of dragonball z character. To start with the main target should be to draw the head, torso and the waist areas. Basically if you are proficient in drawing then it is not a matter of concern as to which one you commence to draw initially. The basic idea is to draw a circle just keeping in mind that the sizes of say heads and torso would differ in size so they should be drawn appropriately. Another good idea would be to keep the same distance between the head neck to the torso. While drawing dragonball z character just keep in mind to keep all the proportions even and also do remember to draw them lightly as it might be required to erase frequently.

The next thing to do is the arms and the legs part for which drawing basic cylindrical or near to round shapes are enough I feel. It would be even better if you can chalk out which shapes to be assigned for the said body parts according to me I am more comfortable assigning cylindrical shapes, oval shapes and circles for the arms, legs and shoulders or hands respectively. I found this method helpful but you can always try the way in which you are more comfortable. And yes make a note of this that the Dragon Ball Z characters generally is seen having shorter legs so this should be made in a manner so that the legs are commensurate to the viewer.

Next comes the need to concentrate on the finer points such as the outfits, hairs muscles etc. however I must admit that for a novice it might be a uphill task to sketch the real looks in the outfits and they should be sketched according to the pose that you have assigned for the Dragon Ball Z characters so if the character is in running mode then do keep in mind that how the clothes would appear in that situation. Lastly all the Dragon Ball Z characters are known to have huge muscles and to make them accordingly it is better if you draw balloon like shapes.

Well up till now your sketch should be full of lines and scribbles so it is time now to wipe away the mess and make the sketch as clear as possible. Here if you wish you are also free to add some color to the sketch that you just made and the only point of advice from me is to make the choice of colors accordingly so that they add more vividness to the Dragonball Z character.

Hope this post will help some of you. :)

We will next look into the graffiti letters, graffiti alphabet graffiti fonts, and basically how to draw graffiti letters. Ia am sure many of you will be interested in this. Also we will try to learn about how to create graffiti, and graffiti canvas art.

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Will be back soon!


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